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Create a world where what we do is defined by what we can imagine, not what we own.


We believe stuff shouldn’t hold you back. Your annual summer bash shouldn’t fall short because you don’t have room for a margarita maker. The cleanest floors ever shouldn’t come at the expense of an overstuffed closet. And wouldn’t it be nice to experience the magic of Oculus Rift without putting a rift in your wallet? You (and your space) shouldn’t feel weighed down by the stuff you only ever use once or twice. So, go ahead. Live large. We’ll lend you everything you need to make it happen. And own little. Because the only things you’ll keep are the stories.


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Joymode was founded in the summer of 2015 and is based in Downtown Los Angeles (right next to Staples Center). We work in a huge warehouse filled with electric scooters, old-fashioned popcorn machines, and all the fog machines you could ever want.

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