Vitamix S50 Blender

Vitamix S50

This little blender packs a punch, and was designed specifically for making smoothies. Use the 40oz container if you're making smoothies for yourself and a friend, or the 20oz if you're on the go. See our tips below for use. If you have additional questions, click the link for the user manual.
  • - The circle will be lit up when the blender is ready. If it's blinking, you probably haven't attached the container to the base correctly, or the dial isn't turned to the off position.
  • - For smoothies, use the setting that looks like a tear drop - this is specifically made for it! The teardrop + setting is for "power blends" - whatever that means.
  • - For best results, cut your ingredients into 1-inch pieces, use ice cubes rather than crushed ice, and put your ingredients in so the soft/looser ingredients are at the bottom and the hardest/more dense ingredients are at the top.

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