RC Truck

Getting Started

1. Turn on the remote control
2. Turn on the truck
  • - Remove the cover from the truck by removing the four clips
  • - Plug in the battery
  • - Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds
3. Test to ensure the controller and truck are communicating by turning the steering wheel on the controller, and checking to see if the truck responds.
4. Replace the cover, and you are ready to ride!

First ride - the basics

1. Hold the grip of the controller in your left hand, and use your right hand to control the wheel.
2. The trigger on the controller is the throttle and brake. Pull on the trigger to make the truck move forward. Start with a very gentle pull to get the hang of it. Full throttle is very fast!
3. Pushing on the trigger will engage the brake while moving forward and engage reverse after stopped.

Adjusting Steering trim

Truck not going in a straight line? Use the knob on the controller labeled "Trim" to fix this. Turning the knob left adjusts the neutral position to steer more left, turning the knob right adjusts the neutral position to be more right.

Changing Batteries

Each battery should last 20 minutes or so. Once the truck begins to get sluggish, you can swap out the drained battery for a charged one.
1. Remove the truck cover and the battery hold down. The battery hold down is a plastic bar that goes across the top of the battery and has two clips, one on each side that holds it down.
2. Unplug and remove the battery, and replace it with the new battery. Make sure the new battery is plugged in, and then replace the battery hold down.
3. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. Make sure the controller and truck are communicating by turning the steering wheel on the controller and seeing if the wheels respond. Replace the cover and you're good to go!

Charging batteries

The batteries take about 30 minutes to charge on the included charger. To charge, just plug the battery in and charging will begin.


Included are 2 ramps and a bridge.
  • 1. Connect the 2 ramps with a bridge
  • 2. Practice going over the ramps slowly
  • 3. Steadily increase your speed until you get to jumping!
  • 4. We recommended that you accelerate as you go up and off the jump as this will rotate the truck back slightly and minimize nose-diving off the jump.

Skills Course

Included are skills course cones. Set up a start and finish line and a set of cones to slalom through. Use a stopwatch and challenge your friends to see who can get the best times!

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