Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker

Time to smoke!

  • - This is a slow smoker - allow plenty of time for cooking. It's for outdoor use only!
  • - Pre-heat smoker for 15-30 minutes at max temperature before loading food.
  • - Do not cover racks with aluminum foil - the heat won't circulate properly!
  • - Don't overload the smoker! Extra large amounts of food can trap heat, make cooking take longer, and cause uneven cooking. Make sure to leave space between food to make sure there's proper heat circulation. If you're using a cooking pan - place it on the center of the rack to make sure it cooks evenly. Don't use glass, plastic or ceramic cookware!
  • - Close air damper on back of unit to retain moisture and heat. If cooking foods such as fish or jerky - open the damper to release moisture.
When door is opened, a flare up may occur. If this happens - wait for wood chips to burn down, then open the door again. Do not spray with water!

Tips for using wood chips

  • - You can use dry or pre-soaked wood chips in your smoker. Dry chips will burn faster and produce more intense smoke. Chips pre-soaked in water (for about 30 minutes) will burn slower and produce a less intense smoke.
  • - Before starting unit, place 1/2 cup of wood chips in the chip loader.
  • - Never use more than 1/2 cup of wood chips at a time! Never use wood chunks.
  • - Wood chips should be level with the top of the bowl.
  • - Check the bowl periodically to see if it's burned down. Add more chips as needed!

Warnings/Safety Information

  • - The smoker gets very hot - avoid bumping the unit
  • - Never move the unit while it's in use
  • - Wear protective gloves/mitts when handling the unit and removing food
  • - Use caution when adding wood
  • - Do not use wood pellets, charcoal briquettes, heat pellets, glass cookware, plastic cookware, or ceramic cookware with this unit
  • - Dispose of cold ashes by placing them in foil, soaking with water and discarding in a non-combustible container
  • - Do not use during rain/electrical storms
  • - Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner
  • - Do not cover racks with metal foil
  • - Do not clean with a water sprayer
  • - Never operate smoker under a covered area

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