PicoBrew Machine

If you have the silver unit, use the link below

If you have the black unit, use the link below

Tips to make your brewing experience way easier

Please read these before you brew!
  • You need 3 gallons of distilled water (per beer that you brew)
  • You need 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • The manual can be daunting, so please use the video instructions! It is way easier than it seems :)
  • No need to do the 'Pico Setup' (refer to videos), but watching it can be helpful to get familiar with the machine. You do need to do the 'First Rinse'. We clean in between each use, but it's very important that you do this first rinse since bacteria while brewing can be very dangerous.
  • Do Fast Fermentation
  • Force Carbonate your beer
  • Try to start the process by the first day of your reservation (Saturday at the very latest)
  • Machine can get a little noisy, so if you have little ones, don't save the brewing until late at night :)

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