Party Headphone Transmitter


1 transmitter box
  • - Each one includes an A/C adapter, R/L:R/L cable, and R/L:aux cable.
  • - A/C adapter
  • - 1 R/L:R/L cable
  • - 1 R/L:aux cable
20 wireless headphones
  • - Includes charging station that can charge up to 16 headphones at a time.

Setting everything up

  • - Figure out which devices you want to play music from. You can use smartphones, tablets, laptops, mix panels, basically anything with a play button!
  • - Plug the transmitter into an outlet via the A/C adapter. Then connect whatever device you're using to the transmitter. You'll use the R/L:aux cable if you're plugging into a phone, tablet, or laptop. You'll only use the R/L:R/L cable if you are plugging into a DJ panel.
  • - Select channels for the transmitters. Each transmitter will need to be on a different channel (set your first transmitter to Channel 1). If you'd like more transmitters to use in conjunction to transmitter 1, they can be added for $20.
  • - Hit play on your devices!

How to listen

  • - Flip the power switch on the headphones. You must be within 500 feet of the transmitter!
  • - Switch the Channel to match whatever playlist you want to listen to. If your playlist is on transmitter 1, which is set to Channel 1 - flip to Channel 1. (Channel 2 and 3 are also available, but a 2nd and 3rd transmitter are required. They can be added for $20). Each channel will make the headphones change to a different light color.
  • - Volume control is on the right side of the headphones.
  • - Dance!

Charging the headphones

  • - Headphones last 6-8 hours on a single charge.
  • - Charging station can charge up to 16 headphones at a time

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