Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

Prepping the turkey

  • - Max turkey size is 16 pounds - nothing over!
  • - Remember - turkeys can take days to thaw, so time everything accordingly.
  • - The turkey must be completely thawed before you begin to brine it and also before it goes into the fryer. You'll want to brine the turkey for at least 24 hours (in the provided brining bag) before you fry it. We recommend placing the turkey (in the brining bag) on a cake pan/baking sheet in your fridge just in case there are leaks in the bag.
  • - Take the turkey out of the brining bag at least one hour before you plan to fry it. Pat it dry, and let it sit!

Lighting the fryer

  • - Remove the insert, and turn the gas meter all the way up to high when you light. If the entire ring doesn’t light using the igniter, use the lighter to get the rest.
  • - Replace the insert slowly so you don’t put out the flames! Then reduce the flame to medium-high.
  • - Preheat for 15 minutes or so before adding the turkey.

Cooking the turkey

  • - Be sure to slather the outside of the turkey with seasoning and butter before putting in the fryer - this is what gets the skin crispy! The smoke point is too low for olive oil, so you'll need to use vegetable or peanut oil if you don't want butter!
  • - Cook time is approx 10 minutes/lb (this is totally variable depending on the size of your turkey!) - the thermometer should be periodically inserted in the turkey to monitor the turkey temperature (inserting in the breast makes it easier to read!). DO NOT leave thermometer inserted in the Turkey while it is cooking. When internal temp reaches almost 165 you can remove the bird and as it rests it should reach 165.

Removing the turkey

  • - Use the lifting hook provided or an oven mitt to remove the basket from the fryer and then “dump” the turkey on the cutting board.
  • - Pull out the drippings tray - you can use the turkey drippings to make your gravy! Otherwise, discard the aluminum disposable tray and replace the drawer.
  • - Let the turkey rest for 20-30 minutes before carving.
  • - Carve your bird and enjoy!

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