Oculus Go

Setting up the Oculus Go

  • 1. Turn on the Oculus Go headset (button on top)
  • 2. Connect Oculus Go to Wifi
  • 3. Explore!
  • 4. Note: Joymode has a full library of games that are in uninstalled state. Feel free to download and play any of the games. If you download too many games, you run the risk of the device freezing/crashing, so please be cognizant of the amount of games you download.
Note: You do not need to download the Oculus app on your phone. We've already hooked the Oculus Go up to our account, and have a whole library of content. You can see all available games by going to the library. Games/Experiences that are already downloaded can be viewed in "My Apps." Games that are available for free download or are already purchased by not on the unit are under "not installed."


  • - Use the controller to navigate the Oculus app
  • - You have 2.5 hours of game play on one charge. Use the provided cable to charge the Oculus Go. It takes about 3 hours to go from empty to fully charged.
  • - There are built in speakers! If you want more immersive sound - you can plug your own headphones into the headphone jack on the side of the headset.
  • - Need to recalibrate the controller? Hold down the Oculus button!
  • - If the memory is full and a game/experience you want to play is not downloaded, they can uninstall any game from the "My Apps" section to make space.

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