Lotus Travel Crib

Instructions for the Lotus Travel Crib

The Lotus is incredibly fast and easy to set up and take down! Please reference the user manual below for detailed instructions. There are also instructions on a large fabric tag attached to the crib for reference as you are using it. Here are a few extra tips:
  • Unpacking and setting up is pretty intuitive. Just make sure you place the mattress pad in so the velcro aligns at the bottom of the crib.
  • To fold the crib, look for the arrows on the cover. The buttons are underneath, but you should be able to feel them. When you start to fold it, be sure to line up the stars and moons - otherwise it won't fold up tight enough to fit back in the bag.
  • To fold up the legs you need to pull them out away from the frame to unlock the hinges.
  • The mattress goes back in the bag first, and should close around the frame like a box.
  • Unzip the back panel of the carrying bag to find the backpack straps!

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