Kano Harry Potter Wand

Welcome to your Kano Wand! The first step is going to be creating an account. Once we complete this step you will be in the game and able to explore Hogwarts. Please take out your wand and open the Kano app on the Ipad. Upon opening the app you will be prompted to create an account. Please create your own account, this will keep all of your information as you make progress in the game. To create an account you will need a unique user name, a secret password, and an adults email address and name. That's it! Below we have provided a video and further instructions on coding. Have fun!


We recommend that you start in the Challenges tab to fully understand how the coding wand works before creating customized code.

The first challenge is "Change the colour of a potion".
Throughout the challenge section there is an orange dot that will guide you on what to do next.
To change the color of the potion and make the cauldron jump, you will need to create code!
The code commands are listed on the left hand side of the device and can be dragged into the coding area in the middle.

The first command you will want to drag over is the "while wand moving Up" which is light blue. Drag this command into the center of the iPad.
Next, you will want to drag the "Object Tint all to color orange" command to fit underneath the "while moving wand up".
Next, you will grab the "random colour" command to replace the orange color on the "Object Tint all to color".
Lastly, grab the "Object apply force on" block and attach it to the bottom of your code in the center of the iPad and change the strength number from 0 to 500.

You're ready to see what you've created! Wave the wand upwards and watch your code impact the Cauldron as it changes colors and jumps on the screen! If you do not see the cauldron move, check to ensure your wand is paired by tapping the wand icon on the left side of the screen.

  • How to connect the Kano Coding Wand to the iPad:

  • Step 1: Ensure that the Kano wand has power. The indicator light at the bottom of the device should be blue when you press the button on the wand.
    Step 2: Check the settings on the iPad and ensure the bluetooth on the iPad is turned on.
    Step 3: Once the wand has power and bluetooth is on, proceed to the Kano app.
    Step 4: Once in the app, proceed to the gear symbol at the top right corner and tap "Setup a new coding wand" . This will pair with the wand and update the software on the wand. A green check box should generate to show that the wand is paired.

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