Home Theater Projector

Hooking up to a laptop

  • - If your laptop doesn't have an HDMI port, we provide a Thunderbolt. VGA cables and USB-C converters are available upon request.

Hooking up to a DVD/Blu-Ray player

  • - Since we can't be sure of how compatible your DVD player and our projector is, we always recommend you using ours if you don't plan on using a laptop.

Tips & Tricks

  • - Depending on where you're setting up, you may need to have the projector anywhere from 5-15 feet away from the movie screen. If the picture isn't filling up the screen, try moving it back, and vice versa!
  • - In order to get the clearest picture, the sun does have to be down. If the sun is out and you don't see a picture, chances are it's too bright out.
  • - If you set everything up a few hours before your event (which we recommend!) make sure to turn everything off if you don't use it right away. It's hot in LA, so it could overheat if left on for a long time.

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