RoccBox Pizza Oven

  • We highly reccomend you watch the video below to understand how to cook a pizza on the RoccBox. We also recommend using the pizza dough from Trader Joe’s if you are not creating it from scratch.

    Step 1: REMOVE the carrying case. Attach the gas tank to the oven through the hose, ensure the hose is not touching the bottom of the Oven.

  • Step 2: Turn on the gas

  • Step 3: After turning the gas on, proceed to the back of the oven where the ignition knob is located. Push knob in towards the oven and twist until a flame is produced inside the oven, this may take multiple attempts.

  • Step 4: Allow the oven to heat to your desired temperature, we recommend putting the pizza into the oven when the thermometer enters the red zone (around 800 degrees) this will ensure pizza does not stick and will enable you to make pizzas more quickly. After the oven has hit the high, red range, turn down the oven prior to putting pizza in. The oven will retain the high tempurature as the stone floor retains the heat.

  • Step 5: Check temperature gauge on the side of the oven and begin cooking! Please watch recipes or look at owners manual for specific cooking instructions.

  • Step 6: Place pizza into the oven and make sure to monitor closely, rotate pizza every 15 seconds to ensure that the pizza does not burn. The BACK of the oven will be the hottest part.

  • Step 7: If the oven is in the red area, your pizza will be done within 2 minutes. Pull from oven and allow the pizza to cool down before eating.

  • Step 8: When you are done cooking and oven is still hot, remove food debris from the oven. Once oven has cooled, put it back in it's case prior to pickup. Please ensure that the legs are down in standing position so that the oven is transported safely. Please REFRAIN from folding the legs up.
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