Fondue Pot

Preparing fondue
  • - We provide a sauce pot so liquids (other than oil!) can be easily prepared on the stove and then be poured into the fondue pot. Heating them with only the Sterno fuel would take way too long!
Lighting the Sterno fuel
  • - Make sure you open the can of Sterno fuel, and place it under the fondue pot before you light it. Lighting with a long neck lighter is recommended! Please note the Sterno fuel replaces the stainless steel burner bucket and can lay flat on the table.
  • - After the Sterno fuel is lighted, you can place the stainless steel heat control on top. When you want to extinguish it, put the stainless steel snuffer on top. Careful - this gets really hot! Wait until it cools down before handling.
  • - Each Sterno canister has about 2 hours of burn time!
What pot do I use?
  • - Oil and broth fondues go directly into the stainless steel fondue pot (and oil can actually be heated in the pot directly on the stove because pouring boiling oil is super scary).
  • - Melty fondues like cheese and chocolate should go in the ceramic insert. Heat 3 1/4 cup water in the stainless steel pot and place the ceramic insert on top.
Tips & Tricks
  • - For chocolate fondues, go with the bars of baking chocolate rather than chocolate chips meant for cookies. The chips are oily and don't create a nice smooth fondue!

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