Dog Agility Course

Welcome to Dog Agility!

Please follow below steps to set up the course:

Weave Set Up
Step One: Take out all of the pieces with a blue piece of tape on them.
Step Two: Connect the medium sized pieces (blue tape in the center) to make one long line.
Step Three: Put all of the small pieces (tape at the top) flat to the ground facing perpendicular to the long line.
Step Four: Grab the large pieces (tape at the top) and place them into the weave vertically.

Tire Jump Set Up
Step One: Find all green pieces (6 total including the blue tire) and two bungee balls.
Step Two: Take the two pieces with two green stripes and lay them next to each other. Use the medium stick with green tape in the center to connect the two pieces.
Step Three: Take the long pieces (green stripe at top) and place them vertically.
Step Four: Connect the tire to the vertical poles using the bungee balls.

Adjustable Jump
Step One: Take all orange and red pieces out of the bag. (4 red, 6 orange including the pole holders)
Step Two: Connect the red pieces together to create two long pieces. These will be horizontal stacked on top of each other.
Step Three: Set the pieces with 2 pieces of orange tape next to each other and use one of the red long pieces to connect them.
Step Four: Connect the long pieces with orange tape vertically to the orange double taped piece. Connect the white clip piece (orange tag) to the tall poles at the height that your dog will jump. Once connected place the other red piece on the clips so that if the dog hits it the pole falls.

And lastly the Pause Box (not to be confused with Paws Box): Find all pieces with purple (center) and connect them. This box is meant for the dog to relax between sets.

Rent it in these bundles