Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine Instructions

Setup time: 3 minutes

1. Pick your favorite flavor, and pour the floss sugar into the long handled scoop. We recommend not doing a huge batch the first time, so about half of a scoop is enough. Then, you can pour the sugar into the magical cotton candy making opening. 

2. Plug the cotton candy machine into an outlet, and then flip on the power switch, and the heater. It takes a couple of minutes for the machine to heat up, so be patient! Note: the machine does get pretty hot, so do not touch the magical cotton candy opening. 

3. Once the machine is hot enough, you'll see the cotton candy starting to float out. Use a cone to collect the cotton candy. It may take a couple of tries to become a professional, so try out different techniques!

4. If you plan on making another batch right away, keep the cotton candy machine on, and use the scoop to pour more floss sugar into the opening (the scoop is essential this time, because the opening is spinning like crazy and is super hot!). Be prepared for the cotton candy to immediately come out. Minor wizardry may be needed to make that perfect cotton candy cone. 

5. If you plan on stopping for awhile, we ask that you pour some water into the magical opening to prevent the sugar from melting and burning. Simply keep the power and heat on, and pour about a tablespoon of water into the opening. Repeat this a couple of times, and then turn off the power and heat. 

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