Coffee Burr Grinder

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

A high quality grind is the key to good coffee, according to our friends at GGET, and they say that this is the perfect grinder! Simply twist the bean container on the top to adjust the grind, and turn the knob on the side to turn it on.
If you receive your grinder unassembled, don't fret! It is very simple to assemble. Follow these steps and click on the User Manual link below for an easy to follow diagram.
  • 1. Make sure the metal removable ring burr is locked into place.
  • 2. Fit the black silicone gasket over the burr by lining up the notches on the outside.
  • 3. Fit the bean hopper on top. Line up the notches with the white line (the "Grind Adjustment Tab") on the right side. Once it fits together, turn the whole thing clockwise to lock into place. The white line indicates the coarseness of the grind.
  • 4. Place the lid on top of the hopper before grinding.

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