Camp Stove

Camp Stove Instructions

Setup time: 2 minutes

1. Make sure the camp stove is on a flat and stable surface. Next, you need to attach the propane connector to the side of the camp stove.

2. After you've attached the propane connector, you can screw the propane into the connector. 

3. Turn the control valve on, and then press the red ignitor button until the burner lights. You can adjust the level of the flame with the control valve.

1. If the stove doesn't ignite, turn off for 5 minutes, and then try again. If it STILL doesn't work, use a long lighter or lit match next to the burner as you turn the control valve. 
2. Use the grill brush when the grill is still hot to get excess gunk off of the grill.
3. Let the grill cool before you wipe off any spattered grease!

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