Blu-ray/DVD Player

Hooking up to a projector

- Since we can't be sure of how compatible your DVD player and our projector is, we always recommend you using ours if you don't plan on using a laptop.

Hooking up to a speaker via bluetooth

  • NOTE - Not all of our Blu Ray Players are Bluetooth compatible. If there is not a bluetooth set up in settings, please use the AUX cord from the home theater speaker and connect it directly to the projector. From there, turn the projector volume all the way up and adjust volume using the speaker knob to your liking.
  • - Make sure the DVD player and the speaker are within 15 feet of each other to make sure the Bluetooth connection is strong.
  • - If you're using your own DVD/Blu-Ray player, then you'll need to use the speaker cables. Follow the same directions as you would hooking up to a laptop (video below), but instead of plugging into a laptop, you'll plug into the 'Audio Out' port on the projector.
  • - Remove your DVD once you're done!

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