Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

  • Step 1 - Plug in the charger kit to the wall and place cars and trucks on the charging stand.

    Step 2 - Build your track! Please follow guidelines in image below for pre-built tracks this link for pre-built tracks using just the starter kit. Track components:

    Starter Kit - Blue dots on the back - 6 curved pieces and 4 straight pieces, with 2 small elevation bars. One of the 4 straight pieces has a green sticker on the back, this is your start/finish track piece.
    Launch Kit - Please look for yellow dots on the back, there should be a launch ramp, landing ramp and 3 elevation bars.
    Speed Kit - Please look for orange stickers, there should be two straight pieces.

    Step 3 - Once your track is set and your cars are charged, proceed to the iPad and make sure BLUETOOTH (in settings) is turned on.

  • Step 4 - Open the Anki Overdrive App.

  • Step 5 - Follow in game instructions. If you are adding players, please download the Anki Overdrive app in the app store and follow the steps above.

    Step 6 - WHEN RETURNING, please keep the sets in the packaging that they arrived and make sure to color code when you are finished and packing up.

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