Frequently asked questions

Joymode 101

What is Joymode?

How do reservations work?

What is a Joymode bundle?

I like the idea of sharing, but how can I be sure everything is clean?


What does it mean to be a Joymode member?

Are you going to make it impossible for me to cancel my membership?


Where do you deliver to?

Do I have to be there for delivery/pickup?

What if I’m outside of your delivery service area?

How do I change my delivery/pickup time?

What's your tipping policy?


How long do I get to keep everything?

How do I make changes to or cancel my reservation?

What if I want to change (add or remove) the products in my reservation?

Enjoying your Joymode Bundle

Do you help set up the products in my bundle?

What if I run into issues with a product while using it?

Returning your Joymode Bundle

What if a product I have gets lost or broken?

Do I need to clean the products before I return them?