You Love Your S.O. But a Weekend Alone With Nintendo Sounds Amazing

48 hours of total YOU (plus Mario) time.

joymode super nintendo

Look, we get it, you love Boo.

Answer us one question re: Boo, though. Is Boo a Super Nintendo? Is Boo responsible for some of your best 90s memories? We didn’t think so. Lucky for you, Boo is out of town and that means it’s time to link right back into your past (see what we did there?) with this here Super Nintendo bundle.

Sure you'll miss your significant other, but somehow we think you'll manage when you have 48 hours of uninterupted couch potato time. How do you make the most of your precious alone time, you ask? Great question. We gotcha.

The right threads


First thing’s first. If you’re spending the weekend with ‘Tendo, you gotta be comfy. Nobody to impress here, so don’t touch that collared shirt or that work blouse. It’s sweats time, baby. Rock some cozy socks, grab an old tee — you’ll need something you don’t care about for when you spill food on yourself — maybe even hit up that old high school sweatshirt that’s been sitting in the back of your closet. This is your time and nobody else’s. In fact, who even says clothes are necessary at all? Whatever you wear this weekend is between you and the pizza delivery guy.

Take advantage of the fact that 2019 is a smartphone wasteland


It’s just easy to be a huge sack of lard these days, especially since there is an app that can pretty much make anything you need at all appear at your doorstep. Need food? Postmates. Need groceries? Instacart. Need dry cleaning, stamps, or a dog walker? There are apps for those things too. With this in mind there’s absolutely no reason you should even consider setting foot outside of your house for the entirety of your Boo-less weekend. You’re basically a wizard. Make that meal come to you.

Be the DJ of your own dreams


Nobody’s around, which means that nobody is going to tell you to stop blaring Hall & Oates at maximum volume (except your neighbors). Maybe you’ve even got a few albums you’ve been too embarrassed to tell Boo that you love, but luckily Boo won’t be here to shake their head disapprovingly as you crank through the entire discography of Toad the Wet Sprocket. And we all know Dark Side of the Moon syncs up with The Wizard of Oz, but are you aware that Earthbound syncs up flawlessly with Aaron Carter?

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