You Can Tackle That Deep Spring Clean Solo

Just you and your BBF, Dyson.

The rains in L.A. have officially (hopefully) stopped, which means we are all once again safe to leave the confines of our apartments and re-engage with the real world. But, if you’re anything like us, this small meteorological victory leaves one very filthy conundrum: after being “forced” indoors for so long, our place is, hmm how do we say... disgusting.

If your knee-jerk reaction is to grab your phone and sucker a Task Rabbiter into cleaning up your mess, you’re not alone. But, take a minute to consider the renewing and meditative benefits of giving your dwelling a deep cleaning yourself. It’s surprisingly satisfying work, re-connects you with the world you’re building around yourself, and gives you an excuse to not go to the gym this weekend.

So grab our Deep Cleaning Kit and go to town on those floors.

Dust Bunnies Aren’t Cute

First things first: remove that thick layer of dust that’s blanketing your apartment that you’ve been telling yourself was just “part of the charm of an old building.” Like postage stamps, no one’s buying it. Grab a good duster (yup, it’s in the kit!) and swipe it across every surface of your home –– bookshelves, lamps, picture frames, tables, mirrors, blinds, etc. Do this before you vacuum. That way anything that escapes the fluffy clutches of the duster will be sucked up by your vacuum. Which leads us to...

Yes, This Sucks

Vacuuming is one of those tasks that proves that if you have the right equipment, anything can be satisfying. And the Dyson Ball Upright that comes in this kit is essentially the Rolls Royce of vacuums. With incredible sucking power and attachments that’ll fit into pretty much any crevice of your home, you’ll be zooming up any piece of grime that dares stand in your way: pet hair, Miano crumbs, spiders, toe nail clippings, the regrets of 2018, etc.

Swish, Swish, Bissel

Now that your surfaces are dirt free, it’s time to do a little mopping. But, don’t worry. Since we don’t like in the dark ages, you’ll be using Bissel PowerFresh Steam Mop instead of the bucket and mop that Cinderalla was forced to you. With the Bissel, just squirt, spray and wipe away. When used as directed, this mop can eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria, making your floors sanitary for everyone. (We still recommend eating at a table.)

Netflix and Clean

You’re just hitting your stride, so don’t stop now! Grab our Carpet Deep Cleaning bundle as well and tackle that full-body imprint you’ve worked into your couch over the past few rainy weeks. The Bissel Carpet Cleaner comes with everything you need to steam clean your sofa and any surrounding carpets that have been acting as chip dust reservoirs. The kit also comes with attachments that can help you clean other random spots like any stairs or obscure corners your apartment might have.

Fold, Hug, Release?

This is also the perfect time to tackle that growing pile of dirty laundry you’ve been accumulating during your hibernation. No, you don’t need to go buy new socks and underwear. You just need to spend a little extra time with the rinse/spin cycle. But this is where you can tap into your inner Marie Kondo… while also watching Marie Kondo for inspo. As you sit on your brand new couch (it wasn’t supposed to be a light shade of spilled latte?) watching the Netflix special about letting go, focus on each item that you’re neatly folding. If it’s something that doesn’t truly “spark joy” ask yourself if you truly need it, and maybe think of starting a donation pile.