You Can Blend More Than Smoothies: A Vitamix Story

Warning: You might get addicted to blending things.

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If you’ve ever watched a cooking show ever, then you’ve heard about the mysterious joys of The Vitamix. Professional and amateur chefs alike all seem to get misty in the eyes whenever the device is mentioned. And if you’ve ever been curious enough to google a Vitamix to see if it’s something you should get for yourself, then you know that the beloved device is VERY EXPENSIVE FOR A BLENDER.

You’d probably be forgiven if, after seeing its retail value, you thought to yourself that’s a lot of money for a smoothie maker. But the hype of the blender becomes valid when you take into account everything you can make outside of your morning shake. The blender can be used to make everything from hummus to pizza dough.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the might of the Vitamix for yourself, now’s your chance. Grab the Vitamix Bundle for the weekend and get ready to go waaaay beyond the simple smoothie.

Here are some recipes to get you excited to take blending to the next level:

60-Second Apple Sauce

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If you’ve never had homemade applesauce than you haven’t really lived. But while it’s delicious to consume, it can be annoying to make. But when the Vitamix is involved, what could take you hours (you usually need to stew the apples) gets cut down to minutes. It doesn’t get fresher or faster than that.

Sweet Potato Hash


Hash browns –– the oft overlooked side dish to any killer weekend breakfast. But thanks to the speedy chopping power of the Vitamix, it’s easy to pull together a quick, flavorful hash for a morning meal any day of the week. Throw in some sweet, diced apples for a powerhouse breakfast that’ll charge your morning.

Veggie Burgers


Veggie burgers. Noble in thought, a bummer in practicality. Who has time to chop and dice all those ingredients that go into the patty? Here’s a shortcut that doesn't involve the frozen food aisle. Thanks Vitamix!

Blender Blueberry Lemon Pancakes


Spare yourself a sugary breakfast and opt for these blender pancakes instead. It combines banana, whole-wheat flour, eggs, and coconut oil for this super-simple and tasty recipe. It's perfect for when you want pancakes NOW, but don't want to wait in a long ass brunch line. Also, batch that shit! Freeze the batter and have pancakes, dare we say it, DURING THE WEEK!


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Ok, you can also use this blender to make smoothies. Really, really good smoothies. Challenging, nut and date filled smoothies. The Vitamix can HANDLE THAT shizz. Check out 21 smoothie recipes recommended by the folks at Bon Appetit.

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