You & Your Friends' 1st Annual New Years’ Drinking Olympics

Slide into 2019 as a (drinking) champion.

You’ve already made the wise decision not to actually go out on New Year’s Eve.

House parties are just more fun, right? You’ve already had enough of your family throughout the holidays, so now it’s time to hunker down with your friends for some serious competition. We proudly present, The "First Annual New Year’s Drinking Olympics," with everything from Kan Jam and Single Person Flip Cup, to some games you may not have heard of.

Split into teams. Make a bracket. May the best drinkers win.

Kan Jam

*What you need: Kan Jam set*

Kan Jam is wonderful and perfect and wholesome and takes about eight seconds to learn. This is the Drinking Olympics though, so you’ll need a drink in your hand at all times. Anybody caught without a drink will be fed to the lions and be disqualified.

Stick Cup

*What you need: four broomsticks, four solo cups, frisbee*

If you’ve never played Stick Cup, you may begin writing your thank you card now, because this is about to be your new favorite game. Here’s a shockingly detailed PDF of the rules, but in order to qualify for our drinking olympics, naturally, you’ll need a drink in your hand at all times. One-handed catches only.

Giant Beer Pong


*What you need: *Solo cups, ping pong balls

We’ll tell you right now: Beer Pong is overrated, and it has the tendency to kill parties. Since only four people can play it’s quite exclusive, there are far too many house-specific rules, and the final shot takes about 700 years. Unfortunately no good Drinking Olympics is complete without this iconic game, so you pretty much have to do it. The good news is, there are definitely a few bros in your group who LOVE Beer Pong, so they will be all over this one.

Flip Cup


*What you need: Solo cups

Flip Cup, as we all know, is the the actual crown jewel of Solo cup-based drinking games. Unlike v. exclusive Beer Pong, as many people as you want can play this game, and each round ends relatively quickly. Looking for an even better edge to your Flip Cup tournament? Try elimination style; everybody flips at the same time, and the last person to flip is out. Keep going until only the champ remains.

Ping Pong


What you need: Ping Pong set

While we’re on the subject of overrated Beer Pong, go back to your roots this NYE: play some actual pong. For the easy challenge, drink each time the other team scores. For the bonus challenge, drink the score at the end.

Giant Jenga


What you need: Giant Jenga

Jenga is a tried-and-true classic. No matter who may scoff at first, they’ll get sucked in the minute they pull their first log. As always, make sure everybody has a drink in their hand at all times.

Beer Ball

What you need: Beer cans, ping pong balls

In teams of two, stand on opposite sides of a table in a similar setup to beer pong. Place unopened beer cans at the corners of each table. Everybody takes turns throwing ping pong balls at the cans across the table — if you hit one, you immediately open your beer and start chugging until the opposing player can retrieve the ball you threw and put it down on the table. The first team to finish both beers wins. This game is easy to explain and quickly become a crowd favorite.

Nerf Target Range


What you need: Nerf equipment

No day full of games is complete without firing a bunch of foam darts at random stuff. Sky’s the limit with creativity here. Add as many or as few targets as you want, hang Solo cups from the ceiling on strings, put them on the head of your least favorite friend; the choice is yours.

Spike Ball

What you need: Spike Ball set

Spike Ball is basically just volleyball, except without a net and fueled with the fire of 1,000 Spartans. The idea here is to spike (the operative word) the ball into a small trampoline. It’s frantic, possessions change constantly, and with a drink in your hand it becomes one of the most challenging events of the entire Olympics. You’ll love it.



What you need: Cornhole set

Ah, Cornhole. The most cerebral of all the Drinking Olympics games. Grab your partner. Feel calm. Feel collected. Drink the amount of points the other team scores, and try your best to make it to midnight.



What you need: A mouth

Perhaps the most raw and primal event of the Olympics is the Chug. The rules are simple: whoever can chug a can of beer first wins. Stipulations are that the beer must be cold from the fridge, and you must drink the whole beer. Have contestants hold the can over their heads after they’re done chugging. If any beer drips out, they lose.

Single Person Flip Cup

What you need: Solo cups

Flip Cup is so good. Why would you only use it in one event? Here’s a chance for the two biggest shit talkers to face off in an all out battle for Flip Cup dominance. Set up five cups each, and race to the finish. To the victor the spoils!

If any of you survive these feats of strength, consider it a win –– and a questionably memorable night.