Yes, You Can Throw A Friendsgiving

It's WAY easier than dealing with your family.


This year we’re thankful we’re not going home for Thanksgiving (sorry, mom and dad). We’re finally ready to admit it: the holiday is a hellscape. Each year our expectations of great food and family devolve into a painfully awkward “conversation” with Uncle Randy about politics, where we shovel lukewarm potatoes into our mouths instead of telling him how we really feel. Yeah, we’re gonna pass.

Enter Friendsgiving, the decidedly more chill cousin of a traditional turkey day. It’s basically just a holiday to do and be grateful for our favorite activities: eating, drinking, and hanging out with the crew. Count us in.

But before you invite all 12 people (and that unknown contact who sends fire memes) in your favorite group chat over for a Friendsgiving dinner, it’s important to do a little prepping. Here’s how you can plan and execute like a pro, so you can spend the day being thankful not stressed.

You gotta delegate


You probably could do it all, but why would you? Make the meal a potluck. It’s less stressful to the host, and the real fun of Friendsgiving is in the variety of dishes people will bring. Delegating can be as low key as sending out a group text or as high key as emailing a color coded google sheet with sign-ups. Up to you, host.

Host makes the turkey (sorry)


We know we just said you gotta delegate, but the exception is the turkey. Transporting and reheating the big bird is a no go –– this one’s on you. Don’t stress, it’s easier than it seems. First, pick a recipe and a sous-chef (Jen's a people pleaser, so ask her). Then, let us deliver the supplies. Reserve an oil-less fryer for a crispy turkey, or let us deliver roast supplies to keep it traditional.

E.T. Phone A Friend Who Still Uses Pinterest Religiously


If you’re happy stuffing yourself with stuffing in a room with no ambiance then stop reading. If not, here’s how you make sure the decorations are on point: text you friend who has seventeen thousand pinterest boards and ask them to help. While they’re busy making calligraphy name cards and wildflower bouquets, you can upgrade your tableware by outsourcing. Done and done.

Booze is an insurance plan


Real talk: Burnt turkey happens to good people. We believe in you, but brewing up some crafty cocktails is a great way to insure that everyone is happy even if the meal is only ok. Go all out on the supplies like shakers and glasses, but ask the friends to supply the alcohol.

Host your guests in style


It’s time to ditch the pullout couch. Impress your overnight guests with upgraded basics so they can slip into a deep and peaceful sleep coma at 7:45pm.

Unless you’re a turkey, no need to stress. You’ve got everything you need to host your first ever Friendsgiving. It’s gonna be easy as pie. Oh yeah, we forgot to tell you...make sure your guests bring pumpkin AND apple pie.

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