Yes, You Can Make Homemade Yogurt

It's more delicious than you'd think.

joymode yogurt maker

Are you sick of all your friends always talking about the cool stuff they made? Awesome, John brewed his own beer again. Big whoop, Stacy fermented her own wine. Well, now it’s your turn to show your friends that you’re worth a damn. John and Stacy aren’t the only people who can make cool homemade stuff. Wine and beer may be trendy, but you know what’s trendier? Yogurt. Once you drop the bomb that you’re making your own ‘gurt, nobody is going to want to hang out with John or Stacy anymore. You’re the yogurt lord. Here’s how to do it.

Reasons to Make Yogurt


There are a variety of reasons to make yogurt. Here they are:

  • It’s shockingly easy
  • It’s a healthy alternative to other snacks
  • You secretly wish you could still eat baby food

What You’ll Need:


Before we get started on your yogurty path, make sure you have exactly what you need.

  • A yogurt maker
  • Yogurt starter cultures
  • Milk
  • Whatever fruit or goodies you’d like to add it once it’s done
  • The part of your brain that makes people like yogurt

How to Make It


The actual best reason to make yogurt might just be that it’s unbelievably easy. Once you have your milk and your starter culture, all you need to do is whisk them together in a bowl until it’s the same consistency. Then, go ahead and pop that bad boy in the yogurt maker and set the fermentation time to whatever the recipe calls for. And that’s it! Your yogurt will be fresh and ready for you — a major bonus is that this Cuisinart will actually chill it for you once it’s done as well.

Skip the wine or beer when you’re back from your hard day of work. It’s not what you want anyway. What you want is a nice, refreshing, berry-filled bowl of yogurt.

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