4 Bread Recipes to Make Your Apartment Smell Like The Holidays

As long as you let the bread maker do all the work.

joymode bread machine

Forget that fake pine scented candles. Set the holiday mood with freshly baked bread.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that one of the most delicious scents known to man is the warm, comforting smell of freshly baked bread. It instantly puts you in a better mood. And, while people in this town love to hate on most things involving gluten (though to be fair, GF bread smells awesome too) and carbs, our theory is that if everyone could start their day off with a big whiff of baked bread, Los Angeles would have a much smaller road rage issue.

But, while living above a bakery is akin to winning the lottery, having a bread machine sit on your countertop is a pretty easy proxy. The beauty of bread machines is that it takes all the guesswork, precision, and time consuming meltdowns (literal and emotional) out of baking. Simply throw your ingredients into the machine, adjust the timer, and go about your business.

Handmade loafs make the perfect, thoughtful present for those on a budget, or if you're looking to cut down on STUFF during the holidays. But, they're just as great for impressing friends who are coming over for a terrible Christmas movie marathon on Netflix. Grab our Bread Maker bundle and whip up a fresh basket of holiday magic. Because, if you’re not filling your home with the warm, enticing smells of freshly baked bread in your kitchen, are you even holidaying?

Chocolate Bread


Chocolate bread is similar to it's cousin, raisin bread, but replace dried up old grapes with DELICIOUS chocolate chips (sorry, we're bias). This bread is great when it’s fresh out of the machine and still a little gooey (read: melted chocolate). It’s also delicious toasted with a light layer of butter. Or, turn it into French Toast and be a weekend breafast champ.

Cinnamon Rolls


Picture it: December 25th, 8am. The sun is up and a pile of presents are taunting you from under the tree. The scent of coffee is slowly starting to make the house stir. What could put a little pep in everyone’s step? Knowing that these freshly baked cinnamon rolls are on the menu.

Pumpkin Bread


True, pumpkin is more traditionally a November/Thanksgiving flavor, but we argue that the other ingredients of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are universal from October through December, and we really shouldn’t be limiting ourselves. Go nuts (or chocolate).

Garlic Basil Bread


It’s good to balance all the sweet with just a splash of savory. Start this recipe for Garlic Basil Bread in the afternoon and you’ll have fresh, garlicy bread for your big holiday dinner. Or for dipping into a nice marinara. Or just shoveling into mouth straight from the machine.

No matter how you slice it (pun intended), freshly baked bread is an easy way to go from holiday zero to holiday hero in just a few hours. Honestly, when you use a bread maker, the required skill level drops signficantly –– so go crazy.

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