Woo Your Date Like An Italian With An Outdoor Pizza Oven

Honestly, they had you at "pizza."

joymode roccbox outdoor pizza oven

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...that’s strange. But, we're down with pizza, especially when it comes to taking a date night to the very next level. When you want to impress your love interest, you’ve got to create the "amore" just like a true Italian would.

Go ahead, dim the lights, put on a Pavarotti (the only Italian artist you can recall from memory) playlist, and fire up the outdoor pizza oven.

Do it at home


Sizzle, sizzle. Why get delivery when you can show off your mad pizza-making skills? Italians know that nothing is more sexy than tossing pizza dough in the air. Just be sure to practice catching it before your date comes over, or the moon really will hit your eye, and urgent care is not sexy!

Do it outdoors

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Dining al fresco under a starry, starry night is passion in a bottle. Only a true Italian would admit that the secret is in the sauce, and the sauce tastes better in fresh air. The Pizzacraft outdoor oven brings all the boys (or, ahem, girls) to the yard. You might not have a sprawling vineyard or barrels of wine in your backyard, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Do it with wine

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A light Chianti, a bold Merlot, or even a flirty pinot grigio… the options are limitless (Have you been to a Bevmo??). Get both red and white options to cover your basis. Be sure to avoid those –– dare we say –– French wines - shudder. Everybody knows Italians do it better.

Do it with style


Let’s not forget –– Italians are the masters of pi-freaking-zazz. Looks matter. Show off a little and have fun with it. Presentation is everything, so ditch the paper plates and spruce up your table settings with grown up dishware. Add a vase of roses, and bellissimo!

Do it with a grand finish


A real Italian meal can only be finished with a spoonful of tiramisu, gelato, or an entire cannoli. You could even go the extra mile and whip up a panna cotta or test your baking skills by making biscotti. At the very least, have a cup of coffee or limoncello on hand. Because mamma mia, you’ll need it to help digest the massive amount of homemade pizza you’ve both just consumed.

By the time dinner is over, you’ll feel like you’re back in old Napoli. Even better, your date will be as pleased as a pizza pie. Thanks to the outdoor pizza oven, it’s easy to turn up the heat on your romance. And with more amore in your life, you’ll soon be living la bella vita (aka, the good life).

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