Why Not Try a Campiversary Trip This Year?

Cheaper than a hotel, and a much better chances of eating s'mores.

joymode camping as a couple

You have an anniversary coming up. And as much as you’d love to use the occasion to stare into a few glasses of red wine and the hummus at Bavel as you catch up on your lover’s life, you have the feeling that just won’t cut it this year.

To do something truly memorable and romantic, you’re going to go camping together. And while “roughing it” didn’t get its name for nothing, the time you spend making the woods your bitch as a couple is going to be one for the record books. Because we’re going to make it easy and damned appealing. Let’s do it.

The Approach


It’ll be just the two of you with no distractions as you drive and/or hike your way to the campsite. You’ll work together to secure your loads (side note: camping is great for such double entendre), be it to the trunk of your car or the wire frame backpack you’re humping into the backcountry (see?). This will be a great chance to compare notes on the scenery, reminisce about your early days and get closer without phones or photogenic wait staff to distract you.

The Set-up


You’ll already have the Camping Essentials bundle we dropped off at your place for the big day. Or our Glamping Bundle if you’re fancy. These can make it a total snap to set up your tent while surrounding it with a sturdy Kysek cooler, two comfy chairs and a collapsible LED lantern that requires not even a drop of whale oil. We can add-on sleeping bags, pads and cookware, too.

Of course, hilarity will no doubt ensure as you set up, leading to fumbly, romantic embraces and not-gross-because-hey-its-you-guys kisses. And if hilarity fails to occur, just reach over and grab your mate’s butt every couple of minutes. You may want to check with an attorney before doing this.

Start The Fire


You are so clever and strong and if it came down to it, you could probably kill a savage beast in defense of your spouse. These are the things you’ll communicate to your partner silently as you build a successful fire. For food, you’ll have dehydrated beef stroganoff with a side of GORP, or maybe you'll put the cooler to good use and pack it with a full charcuterie board spread. For tunes, you’ll bring speakers and a downloaded D’Angelo album. For whiskey, you’ll have some whiskey.

Star Gaze


This is pretty much why you’re here, right? By now you’re bonding, you’re comfortable, you’re a little drunk, and all you have to do is kick back and watch the sky. Hopefully, it’s one of those nights where the sky is packed with comets and stars shooting all over the place, spelling out the portmanteau of your miraculous union across the galaxy. If not, hell, you’ll find something to do. Psst, that means sex. Oh, you got it the first time? Sorry. We’ll go now.

Cherish the Memories


Ta-da. That’s basically it. And sorry for s aying “ta-da.” In any case, you’ll awake in the morning entwined in each other’s arms, assuming cougars didn’t maul you in the night, before making some coffee, packing it up and going the F home.

But the memories of this crazy thing you attempted out in nature together will live on permanently in your minds. And probably your hearts, too. In the end, it will be way, way more special than having the hummus at Bavel, and honestly, that shit is really good.

You might even make a custom of these kinds of camping adventures for years to come. We’re so glad we had this talk.