Why An Adult Onesie Is The Perfect Halloween Costume

Go from bed to party and back to bed without ever changing your clothes.

Photo: Mirko Laflamme

There are only a few things we know about October for certain. First, you can, in fact, be too old for trick-or-treating, but never Halloween. Second, candy corn is just wrong and we’re willing to fight you on that. Third, and maybe most importantly, an adult onesie is not only an ACCEPTABLE costume, but it is also perfect.

Like rompers for men or the resurgence of overalls, onesies are, if nothing else, extremely polarizing. Some people argue onesies are for only for kids, but we think the seemingly endless array of styles are versatile and comfortable enough to justify wearing them as an adult.

The real question is not, should you wear a onesie, but rather,* what* onesie should you wear this Halloween? Don’t stress. Whether you want to dress like a skeleton, sloth, or monster –– you can do it in comfort and relative style.

If you’re still not sold on a giant furry bag with one long zipper and legs being the perfect costume for Halloween, then read on. We think you might change your mind.

They’re casually cool

Yes, store bought costumes are easy, but they can also feel a little cheesy and itchy and maybe too tight in places you'd never think could support a wedgie. A onesie is as simple as going to a party store or ordering online, but it’s more original than a regular old pirate or monster costume. AND, they accomodate all party parts comfortably. We say ditch the witch hat for a hood.

They’re an actually achievable costume

We know you have been saying you're going to dress as a pamplemousse seltzer for Halloween and we totally support that, but we’re also not totally sure it’s achievable. We believe in you and your DIY costume making abilities, but we feel like October is better spent on low stress crafts and activities like pumpkin carving and cocktail making. Actually, the best case scenario is that you order your onesie in advance and wear it while pumpkin carving and cocktail making.

They pivots with your plans

You might have big plans for Halloween and you might have big plans for Halloween that suddenly feel like too much. A onesie works whether you go to that haunted house, costume party, or decide you would rather just keep it cozy on the couch with your favorite Halloween movies. Whatever plan you choose (or politely flake on) a onesie is the right gear.

If you’ve read this far, we’re assuming you’ve drank the onesie for Halloween kool-aid, or at least took a little sip.

*High five. *

We’ll catch this October you at a onesie battle royale, on the couch, or handing out candy to trick or treaters, all in style and comfort.