When Hump Day is Also a National Holiday - July 4th Edition

The best ideas for making the most of America’s mid-week birthday celebration.

Newsflash! This year’s fast-approaching Fourth of July holiday is inconveniently scheduled in the middle of the week. On a Wednesday. That makes party planning and, let’s be honest, attending parties pretty tricky because showing up to work hungover the next day isn’t all that cute. So what’s there even to do? Here’s a quick guide that will make your freedom of choice so much more freeing.

Wait Until the Weekend

Hear us out. If you’re really into hosting, you might want to hold off until Saturday, July 7. This gives you extra time to prepare and a full day of recovery if things get rowdy. Plus, there’s a better chance more people will show up and you’ll get discounted July 4th-themed party stuff. You can still do the red, white and blue. And you can still catch the fireworks on July 4th. Not sure where to watch them? We did the heavy lifting for you in this handy Where to Watch Fireworks in LA guide.


Sing it Out, Sister

Make like the Katy Perry you were always meant to be and belt out your favorite American jams. In the comfort of your own home. You’ll need a patriotic backdrop to complete your karaoke concert. Don’t worry, we got you.


Explore the Great Outdoors

Sometimes, getting out of LA on a holiday is your best bet. While people are stuck waiting in endless Whole Foods checkout lines, you can be basking in Mother Nature’s glory and the blissful sounds of quiet. See? Your anxiety from this morning’s traffic on the 101 has already gone down a notch just thinking about it. Extra Joy tip: The Bridge to Nowhere is a 6-hour hike, give or take. If you go at just the right time, you can catch the fireworks in Pasadena on your way home.


Stay Sober

Yes, it’s bold. No, we’re not kidding. Look, you don’t need to drink to have a good time. What you need are your besties, a patio or backyard or living room, a little friendly competition (aka games) and some non-alcoholic bubbly. You’ll thank us Thursday when you wake up feeling refreshed.


Host a Doggone Good Pawty

Yep! For your favorite patriotic pups. Fireworks aren’t a dog’s best friend so why not get those furry four-legged pals together to help ease the anxiety? Treat them to Frosty Paws and star-spangled bandanas to mark the occasion. Treat yourself to, well, whatever it is that makes you and your friends happy. Be sure to document the cuteness overload.

If you’re not feeling these ideas or just want to explore more options, we’re happy to deliver them. Check out our list of 5 Things to do on July 4th. Posting pics? Tag us @joymode and #joymode.