What Your Fave VMA Performance Says About You

We didn't watch the VMAs either.

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You didn’t watch the VMA’s. And honestly, we didn’t either. To be fair, Monday night is arguably a weird time for an award show if you want people to actually watch. But, through the transitive power of pop culture or maybe just the tedium of Tuesday, we are all still here reading a list of what our favorite VMA moments say about us. Not sure if that’s cool or depressing. Read on!

Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman” Performance

Major BDE vibes. We’re into it. Maybe you should throw a movie pool party and just play the performance on repeat. That’s normal, right?

Tiffany Haddish Saying “So those of you watching at home... Hi Fifth Harmony!” After Congratulating Camila Cabello On Her 5 Nominations

You live for tea, but maybe it’s time to tone it down. Why not try some juice instead?

Nicki Minaj Clapping Back At The Shade Tiffany Threw Fifth Harmony

You are not as low key as you think you are. Go get some fresh air. It will do you good.

Backstreet Boys Reunion

You honestly thought about naming your twin sons AJ and Nick. That’s highly concerning, but only because everyone knows that the real backbones of that band were Kevin and Howie. We digress. Go ahead, bask in the nostalgia and belt all your old favorites.

That Shawn Mendes Performance

Even with a rain soaked ending, this performance felt 💤 Are you tired? Maybe you should take a low key weekend at home and do some chores and cleaning. You can even play some Shawn Mendes as you do it. We would recommend a song, but we can’t name a single one. Sidenote: Why are we shading Shawn Mendes so hard, he seems like a nice guy.

Nicki’s “Queen” Medley

The only show stopping moment of the night. You’re on a different level, why not explore a different world?

JLO Vanguard Performance

Iconic. Enough said. Why wait for tonight? Celebrate her award now with your own incredibly subpar moves. Disclaimer: we don’t actually do on demand delivery, so you might have to do some solo silent disco warm up first.