VRGO SZN: Get Sh*T Done

Oh yes, we're in it, honey.


You don’t need to believe in astrology to know anything about it. Living on the Internet, you’ll learn about the the stars and their effect on your life through osmosis or from that new roommate who blames the dirty dishes on planetary movements.

Or maybe, you do believe in astrology. In which case, you already know it’s Virgo season. Excuse us, Virgo Szn.

We thought it might be sorta fun to talk about Virgo Szn with y’all. By “we”, we mean the the person at the Joymode Office who once spent over $500 on astrological services in a month and who prints out her co-worker’s horoscopes and puts them on their desks as both an act of love and an act of aggression depending on what Chani Nicholas said that month. And by “y’all,” we mean the people who didn’t log off / tap out at the mention of planetary movements.

So for everyone still with us, bless your celestial souls, let’s talk about what Virgo Season means for you.

What is Virgo Season?

About every 30 days, the sun transits into a new zodiac sign. During this time, everyone (yes, everyone) feels the influence of the astrological sign associated with that time. Right now, the sun is in Virgo, meaning that we are experiencing a season of perfectionism, order, organization, and getting sh*t done.

I don’t get it.

Fine. Fair. Maybe you don’t live in LA, haven’t lived there long enough, but you’ll get there or move back to New York. The deal is this: Virgos are the people who keep lists of their lists, have multiple Google calendars color coded to the point of art, and who plan the party, wedding, night out, night in, weekend away...you get it; they plan everything. So during Virgo season, we all can channel a little bit of that type-A energy.

Why are you telling me all of this?

Also a fair question. We just drank the Kool-Aid and it’s a fun framework to use for planning the month ahead, especially when it’s an astrological season that favors making big plans. Basically, we’re gently nudging you get organized this month and using astrology as a Trojan Horse. Also, The Trojan Horse is filled with cleaning supplies and ideas for self-help and we are telling you it’s a Trojan Horse so maybe that’s an ineffective strategy and.... maybe this will get edited out.

Happy Virgo Season

If channeling the stars to find motivation feels too woowoo for you. Then boo, you’re no fun, but also maybe you just need to use a different star as motivation. Beyonce is a Virgo. Channel her instead. And get it done. Whatever it is. Happy Virgo season, friends.

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