2 Bourbon Cocktails That Won't Put Hair On Your Chest

Unless...that's what you're into, we guess.

By Olivia Taylor

December is here, which means it’s time to get your bourbon on. With big notes of vanilla, clove, and caramel, it’s the perfect base for seasonal cocktails. It’s versatile too –– bourbon pairs great with bold smokiness, but plays nice with more subtle flavors as well. A real holiday hero, if you will.

Your holiday party, or ultra low-key festive night only needs a couple things to go from fun to OMG. One is, obviously, a killer play list. The second? Our fancy craft cocktail set and some bomb recipes to serve with it.

We partnered with LA local bartending service, Hodde Bros Beverage Company to come up with the perfect (and easy) holiday bourbon recipes.

The Smoking Pipe

This recipe is simple enough to pull off right before the party starts, but complex enough to impress your guests.


Earl Grey Bourbon Punch

Ok, we’ll spill the tea. The best bourbon pairing is with Earl Grey tea. This punch is basically the “cooler” cousin of a hot toddy and perfect for your next low key party, and we've got the copper bowl of your dreams in which to serve it.


Cheers, friends.