Turn A Generator Into A Literal Funerator

With great power comes great...fun.

Gen·er·a·tor /ˈjenəˌrādər/ Noun

  • That thing your Dad always tells you to buy in case of a storm and you know he’s probably right, but like, “Not right now Dad, ok?”
  • An apparatus for generating cordless fun, adventure, and freedom

If you’re only reaching for a generator in a crisis, you’re missing out. This power appliance is way more than an emergency backup; it gives you the freedom to think beyond an outlet. With the same lithium battery as a Tesla, you can have hours of power anywhere you go. Bring your laptop to the woods or screen a movie on a desert camping trip, the options are truly endless and completely unnecessary.

Here are a few ideas on how to generate fun and adventure (with literally NO sound) with the Goal Zero Yeti 1000W Li Electric Generator:

J-Tree Silent Disco

Like hiking to the Hollywood sign or crying in traffic, taking a trip to Joshua Tree is an LA rite of passage. And, while we’re all for morning matcha and meditation, you might be feeling something a little less zen for your weekend away. Why not get groovy? Bring the generator and throw a silent desert disco under the stars.


Work From Home Anywhere

What’s an office? In 2018, it’s more common than ever to WFH. While we’re excited to say bye to conference “pods” and sad flavors of seltzer, working from a home office (or let’s be real, from the couch) can get pretty bleak too. Going really remote might be the cure for the If-I-spend another-$6-dollars-on-cold brew-at-a-coffee-shop-just-to-use-their-wifi blues. With a generator you can charge up from anywhere, so you can send emails from the mountains or Slack (and slack off) from a cozy cabin.


Beach Bonfire & Movie

Maybe this is too controversial, but we think s’mores might be a better movie snack than popcorn. Borrow our backyard movie night and generator, so you can gather the crew for a movie night by the waves.

shutterstock 528952498-min

When you wanna get away from (almost) all of it

There are two types of people in California: those who like to camp and those who like to, really camp. If you’re not the backpacking, 20 mile hiking, down to rough it type, but you still love a weekend where you can sleep under the stars...we feel you. A generator is the perfect way to get away from the city, without losing all the conveniences. Charge your devices or bring that blowdryer, camp however the hell you want. Because who says you can’t scroll by the campfire?


Go ahead. Text your dad and tell him you finally got that generator. Just don’t tell him it’s only for the weekend.

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