Totally Avoid The Grove For Date Night

Your love deserves better

joymode date night

You deserve better than another date night at The Grove. Yes, arguing with your partner over who was supposed to validate the parking ticket is a modern portrait of a relationship. But no, that doesn’t make it romantic. Why not skip the crowds, prices, and parking nightmares by recreating the best parts of the experience from home?

Here’s how we’re getting that Grove date night feeling, without leaving the house (we promise the only thing you’ll miss is the trolley).

Trade THE Big Screen for A Big Screen

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Strolling around the shops and grabbing snacks at the Farmers Market are just the warm-ups for your Grove date. The real grand finale is always the movie. And while we love theater popcorn and comfy seats, we’re big advocates for recreating the big screen feeling from the comfort of your couch. Maybe you can’t watch Marvel’s latest, but did you even really want to? Catch something more classic and pop your own with a movie bundle.

Swap Fro-Yo For Homemade Ice Cream


Maybe this is a controversial opinion, but we feel like Fro-Yo belongs in the early 2000’s. It’s not even a healthier option??? Skip the stale toppings and The Grove’s overpriced frozen options and make the real thing at home with an ice cream maker.

Create That Fountain Feeling Without An Actual Fountain


Did you even go to The Grove if you don’t Instastory the big ole’ fountain? No. The answer is no. And while we can’t rent you an indoor fountain for the weekend, we can help you bring a little (insta-worthy) magic to the backyard. Borrow a fire pit for some cozy time with your boo. Look, we don’t make the rules, but… big flames >>> big water.

Just Say “No” To Cronuts


The dude who combined a croissant with a donut and subsequently changed the world forever opened a restaurant in The Grove. And guess what? It’s really crowded. Ok, it’s also really good, but that’s not the point. The idea here is that you actually enjoy your date night. Baking with your babe or babette (is babe gendered?) is way more fun than waiting in line for a buzzy brioche or whatever other fancy pastries they are making.

We’ll admit it: The Grove is our favorite place to love to hate. But, we kinda feel like in 2019, you should just love to love date night.

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