This Guy Quit His Job To Travel The World With Two Puppies

Because you don’t need to buy stuff to have a full life.

Back in 2016, Jordan Kahana was driving through Arizona when he saw two small dogs left abandoned on the side of the road. Jordan was on a remote stretch of the freeway with barely anything else around – nevermind a potential owner they could belong to. So, he pulled over, scooped up the two struggling pups, and brought them to the vet where they were diagnosed with severe dehydration.

Jordan had a couple options: Bring the dogs to a shelter, leave them at the vet, or adopt them himself. While some may think “love at first sight” is reserved for humans, any rescue owner knows you can have that instant connection when you meet your future dog… or in Jordan’s case, dogs.

Jordan decided to take in the two puppies and make them his travel companions. He named the pups ‘Sedona’ and ‘Zeus,’ quit his job, and the three have had quite a few adventures since.

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The trio have traveled all over the US, as well as out of the country. Sedona and Zeus do everything with Jordan from camping, to cross-country road trips, to hiking, to sleeping under the stars. Jordan documents his travels on his popular Instagram account and it’s clear that Sedona and Zeus are two happy doggos.

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The best part about Jordan’s story is that his lifestyle isn’t based on the stuff he owns or the money he spends – but instead the company he keeps and the experiences they have together.

It’s estimated that the average American home contains 300,000 items; We buy so much *stuff* that neurosurgeons even have to study our overconsumption habits.

That’s why living in Joymode is about a lot more than just renting stuff: It’s about learning to live minimally and placing a larger value on the experiences you have, instead of the things you buy.