This Foster Mother Uses Joymode To Spend Time With Family

“Foster care has been a journey that changed our lives,” says Porsha, an avid Joymode user.

Porsha and her husband, Terrelle, have been married for 12 years and knew early on they couldn’t imagine their life without children. However, when the couple struggled with infertility issues, they realized they had to rethink exactly what that family would look like.

While some might see this struggle as a setback, Porsha and her husband took it as sign that they were meant to care for children in a different way. They made the decision to become certified foster parents and have since opened their home to seven children over the years, and legally adopted one.

Porsha also suffers from Lupus and Fibromyalgia, but cites her children as what keeps her going every day. “I’m often in a lot of pain but my children always put a smile on my face,” she says.

“Foster care and being a mother has helped to keep me going and saved my life,” she says.

And while every parent wants to fulfill their kids’ every wish, most know that doing so can come with a steep price tag. So, instead of spending money on toys – Porsha uses Joymode to reserve fun, interactive, bundles that won’t end up taking up a bunch of space in her house and costing a fortune.

“I can spend $10-$50 on a week’s worth of fun experiences for my kids,” she says. “Since we’re on a budget, that really helps out!” she says.

Porsha and her husband recently fostered two boys: Levi and Ashton, who they completely fell in love with. While they were able to adopt Ashton, they couldn’t adopt Levi, as he was reunited with his biological family.

Though Porsha and her family miss Levi every day, they still get to see him occasionally – and when they do, Porsha makes sure to make it feel special.

“He is always so excited to see us and his little brother,” says Porsha. “I pick up a Joymode experience, hide it, then tell them I have a surprise. Once they see it, they’re always blown away,” she says.

Facilitating amazing experiences for you family shouldn’t be determined by your income bracket or the size of your garage, which is why Joymode loves connecting with people who are using our experiences in meaningful ways.

Porsha’s story conveys a larger message about what really matters in life: Spending time and having meaningful experiences with the people you love.

To learn more about Porsha and her family you can follow their adventures on Instagram @sales_fosterlove.

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