The Ultimate Experience Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

And we mean...everyone.

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No disrespect to Santa, but he’s doing things all wrong. Ya, we freaking said it.

Instead of flying around the planet lugging a heavy sack of gifts, he should take a page out of our notebook and start giving people experiences. The kinds of fun activities that create memories and ignite new passions among friends, without saddling anybody with a closet full of unused junk. (Don't pretend like you're still going to take up calligraphy.)

But fine, even experiences require the right STUFF. But that's why we let you borrow it and then come pick it up when you're done. In fact, we’ve got a gift guide to help you pair the right experience to the right giftee in your life. We even have a Santa suit if you want to look the part.

The Mom Gift


She gave you life, and now you’re going to improve hers with everything needed to achieve enlightenment... or at least an outstanding downward dog. The Yoga Basics Bundle comes with everything Mom will need to get started. Except the hot teacher from hot yoga.

Reserve The Yoga Basics

The Life Partner Gift

Jen Rachel Negoescu

photo by, Jen Rachel Negoescu

As nice as new toys and fancy baubles can be, all this person really wants is some memorable time spent with you. So you’ll do some leg-work and find the right setting to be alone in nature together. Our Glamping Bundle and a few add-ons will do the rest.

Reserve The Glamping Bundle

The Obligatory Boss Gift

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Remember, you’re not kissing up by gifting your boss the Travel Essentials Bundle that makes business trips so much easier. You’re merely helping get them onto the plane faster so they can’t call you every fifteen minutes. Machiavelli has nothing on you.

Reserve The Travel Essentials

The Sibling Gift

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Yes, you’re the kind of heroic person that’s getting your closest living relative some quality time with a Nintendo Switch Bundle. But the kindness ends once Mario Kart begins.

Reserve The Ninento Switch

The I Think We’re Dating Gift


Step 1) Secure our Pasta Night Bundle. Step 2) Invite them over for a romantic night of flirtatious pasta-making, wine and candlelight. Step 3) Do that Lady & the Tramp thing with a noodle. 4) Or don’t. 5.) Maybe, don't.

Reserve The Pasta Maker

The Dad Gift


Bring out pops’ inner James Bond with the Elyx Deluxe Martini Bundle, coming with an attractive, limited-edition copper-plated shaker, bar tools and coupes. Playfully threatening him in a lengthy speech until he escapes can only serve to heighten the whole effect.

Reserve The Elyx Deluxe Martini Set

The Best Friend Gift


You provide the Road Trip Bundle and the weekend destination. They’ll provide the kind of jokes only the two of you get. You’ll both walk away with memories and the urge to do it again soon.

Reserve The Road Trip

The Relative You Didn’t Call All Year Gift

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You were busy. They were busy. We were all busy. But it’s cool. Especially once they’re making pizzas in their backyard with the Pizza Oven Bundle and reflecting on your thoughtfulness. Pizza heals all wounds.

Reserve The Pizza Oven

The IT Person Who Saved Your Life Gift


They were there when you needed them and, let’s face it, you will probably need them again. And they’ll show up even quicker in 2019, after you have the Laser Tag Bundle delivered to their department to blow off some steam for a few days. Nerd down. We repeat, nerd down.

Reserve Laser Tag

The Person With Resolutions Gift

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You know your drinking buddy is trying to be healthy in the New Year. So giving them the Eat Your Veggies Bundle will get them on the right track with items like a steam basket, food processor, salad spinner and veggie cookbook. You’ll simply take happy hour off for awhile, well, not YOU. Your friend. You're perfect, don't change.

Reserve Eat Your Veggies

The Crush Gift

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You like them. You even like them like them. And as we all know, there’s only one way to win somebody’s affection in this day and age: fried chicken and waffles. No, seriously it’s the only way. Words are meaningless.

Reserve Fried Chicken & Waffles

You're still here? You made it through this exhaustive, comprehensive list?! Good for get to experiential gift giving!

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