The Ultimate Camping Gear Bundle

Now you have the perfect excuse to disconnect from, basically, everything.

So you have this grandiose idea of loading up the car and cruising out to the desert or up to the mountains for a little getaway. Except this time your destination isn’t exactly a cute 2-bedroom Airbnb with full amenities. No. This time you’re embarking on a journey where you’re choosing to sleep in a tent. That you pitch yourself (or maybe with the help of a friend). There probably won’t be potable water nearby. You might, if you planned well, have the luxury of flush toilets. You’ll have to cook your dinner — or s’mores — over an open fire. That you start yourself. And you’ll need to remember to bring a flashlight.

But, as it turns out, you don’t really own any of the proper camping gear. That makes sense because you having gone “real” camping since Girl Scouts. Or, your studio apartment couldn’t possibly be crammed with any more stuff. We put together the Complete Camping Gear bundle for people just like you. It pretty much comes with everything you need to camp comfortably — or as comfortably as possible considering you’ll be sleeping on the ground. In a tent, of course. Let’s check it out.


Coleman Five-Person Tent

Leave it to good ole Coleman to construct the ideal tent that sleeps up to five people. Just think about how much room you’ll have if it’s just you or just you and one other person. It’s super easy to set up this dome tent with the pre-attached poles. And it even comes with an integrated rainfly should you need it. At its tallest point, the tent sits 5 feet 4 inches, and in total is 10 feet x 7 feet in size. The extra tent peg and mallet puller will come in handy for stubborn pegs during setup and breakdown.

Two Sleeping Pads

It’s hardly considered roughing it when you’re sleeping atop an inflatable mattress. Just use the foot pump to inflate and the dump valve to quickly deflate it when you’re finished. Each sleeping pad is 76 inches long, 25 inches wide and 4 inches thick and rolls up into a compact drawstring bag for easy packing and transporting.

Two Sleeping Bags

Sleep soundly and snug as a bug in our lightweight, super portable sleeping bags. They’re made with a cotton liner on the inside and will keep you warm in temperatures from 40-60 degrees. Load up on some extra blankets if your destination is in a cooler climate.


Two Camping Chairs

After a long day of hiking and exploring, you’ll want to take a load off at the campsite. We give you two folding chairs that just pop open and closed for that reason. Each comes with a built-in cup holder for adult bevvies and can sustain weight up to 250 pounds. They’re perfect for chilling around the fire while telling “Are You Afraid of the Dark” ghost stories.

Campsite Cooking Essentials

Keep your water, hot dogs and other perishable foods chilled in the 50-quart cooler. When it’s time to cook those dogs, turn on the simple two-burner Everest camp stove. Don’t worry, we also provide the propane tank, too. Our Complete Camping Gear bundle also comes packed with enamelware camp dishes for up to four people, a 10-inch frying pan perfect for making scrambled eggs in the morning and a gooseneck kettle to make tea or the provided Copper Cow pour-over coffee. YUM!

Camp Lamps and Lights

When it gets dark in the desert or mountains, it gets really dark. A set of two hands-free headlamps makes bathroom runs and bedtime prep easy-peasy. Because there’s nothing like ruining your trip than by accidentally dropping your iPhone, that you were also using as a flashlight, down the outhouse hole. Three AAA batteries are included. We also throw in a collapsible LED lantern for hours of light when you need it after dark.


But Wait, There's More

In SoCal and neighboring areas, fire warnings must, we repeat must, be followed. Take extra caution and care if you decide to make a fire. We provide you with a bag of eco-friendly InstaFire Fire Starter, which is a combo of wood pellets, paraffin wax and volcanic rock for fires that burn about 15 minutes. The bag is good for up to four fires. Since you’ll be out in the wilderness where cell service is poor at best, but likely non-existent, the National Audubon Society Field Guide to California might become your BFF when Google isn’t an option.

Extra Joy tip: We know it’s a lot of gear so we send along a super convenient binder with info and instructions for easy-breezy setup.

Don’t need as much gear? Our Camping Essentials bundle comes with the five-person tent, two sleeping pads, camp stove and propane, a Bluetooth speaker and a headlamp. Camping with the kids? Our Family Camping bundle includes most of the items we just described above plus two adorable moose or bear folding chairs perfectly sized for little kiddos. You can also add on kid-approved necessities like the Kelty Hiking Kid Carrier, a portable play yard, a portable high chair and games.

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