The Super Nintendo Night Of Your 90’s Childhood Dreams

Level up your nostalgia.


Ah, to be a 90s kid. A time of Tower Records and Blockbuster Video. A time of those weird dial-up Internet noises. A time of sleepovers stuffed with fruit roll ups and Super Mario Bros. Ever wish you could reclaim these Fresh Prince vibes? Guess what, Star Fox: We’ve got your back. Here’s everything you’d need to have an amazing throwback 90s night –– no 1-Up Mushrooms necessary.

Cool Food

“As one’s candies gush, so, too, does one’s 90s joy” - Unknown Proverb

Okay, so we made that up. But, seriously, get yourself some Gushers, the sticky, sour treat that explodes delightfully upon bite. In the mood for deeper candied cuts? Try and find some Dunkaroos, Shockers, or Warheads –– they’re rare these days, but they’ll take you immediately back to saving up your allowance to stock up at the student store. Wanna wash it all down? We wouldn’t say no to a can of Surge or a Kool-Aid Jammer, but the pièce de résistance will be a Pacific Cooler Capri Sun. Word to the wise: Turning it over to poke the straw through the bottom is the move of a common coward.

2015-07-08-1436377159-2012736-caprisun 3

Cool Tunes

What’s a 90s night without some 90s music? It was a decade of big movements, so there’s plenty of vibes to hit. Grunge? Smells Like Teen Spirit! G-funk? Gin And Juice! Boy bands? I Want It That Way! Nu-metal? Uh, we guess you can play Nookie, but also: Everything okay, pal? If you feel like jamming on expert mode, disconnect that Spotify, hit up your local record store, and find some of these suckers on CDs.


Cool Clothes

Windbreakers and backwards jeans and scrunchies, oh my! If you need a refresher on 90s fashion, pop in a VHS of Clueless and dig IN, honey.


Cool Games

Rectangular controllers. Sore thumbs. A cartridge that you have to blow into to make work sometimes. Are we giving you A Link To The Past? Then you best get yourself a dang Super Nintendo, the classic Nintendo system responsible for blasts of primal joy (and, more often than we’d like to admit, primal frustration). You can hurdle through mines in Donkey Kong Country. You can Hadouken the hell out of your challengers in Street Fighter II. And you can find that the biggest shortcut to 90s happiness is finding the biggest shortcuts in Super Mario Kart. Bonus points: With our preloaded SNES Classic, you ain’t gotta worry about those pesky cartridges. Plug and play, baby!


One final thought for you 90s kids: If you want a truly authentic experience, avoid ‘gramming your fun. Express that you’re having fun the way every other 90s kid did: Confusing pager codes. 143 7 195!

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