The Springtime Guide To Self-Care

New season, who dis?

We don’t know about you, but it kinda feels like spring has sprung up in LA. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. And everyone's allergies are going haywire after all the rain.

So in honor of the new season, it's probably a good time to pamper yourself into a whole new you. SO, we've compiled a few easy and rewarding self-care ideas to help guide you into this peaceful and enjoyable spring.

Pool Party!

Right?! This is what Southern California was made to do. And, swimming is one of the best ways to get exercise and decompress without feeling like you’re doing anything. Whether is a party for one or many more than that, all you're gonna need is our Pool Party bundle and a body of water. We’ll drop off the donut-shaped pool floats and pumps that fill them with the press of a button, so you can spend an afternoon drifting around in blissful solitude with a paperback.

Or opt to call up some friends (maybe you need to for pool access). Socializing is proven to boost your immune system and improve your mood.


On the flip side, you’ll want to devote as much time to your inner life as you do to your social life. Fortunately, the sun in the sky means you can now take a soft pillow to just about any park, beach or peak to do some meditating.

The benefits of meditation include better blood pressure, sleep, energy and outlook, while reducing anxiety and stress. And speaking of stress, why go out and try to locate and buy a big cushion, Tibetan singing bowl and digital guru, when we can just bring these things to you in our Meditation Bundle? It doesn’t take enlightenment for that to make good sense.

And, if meditating still seems intimidating, many of its benefits can be experienced by simply finding a quiet place, breathing consciously and doing a little introspection with a breeze running through your hair or the sound of crashing waves as your soundtrack.

In the end, anything that finds us turning off the T.V. or telephone and getting outside our homes or inside of ourselves can have extraordinary self-care benefits.


With spring comes great spring produce, including fresh peas, greens, peppers and roots. Not only will your health benefit from a salad or hot recipe packed with these ingredients, such as this nettle-and-garlic cream pizza we love to make with our outdoor Pizza Oven bundle, but taking time to prepare a meal can be a relaxing and mind-clearing exercise that also keeps the body moving.

You can invite a friend over to share your creation. Or just take as much time as you need to tinker around while making your favorite meal one-handed. The other hand occupied by a glass of Pinot, of course.


There are two major benefits to unleashing your inner Kondo on your possessions:

  1. The deep relief and satisfaction that an organized closet full of things you love can bring.

  2. Making room for new clothes that make you feel beautiful, confident and proud to be seen in public.

Go Kondo, go!


The art of self-care does make room for indulgences, you know? Obviously, you don’t want to go all Last Man on Earth and turn someone’s kiddie pool into a giant margarita. But, some frosty frozen drinks with your best buds? To not do that might mean jeopardizing your health. Especially with all that Cinco de Mayo-venerating you have to do. And, we can’t allow that.

So reserve our Margarita Party bundle. Next thing you know, you’ve got  a frozen margarita machine in your kitchen and a whole ton of crazy ideas running through your head. Meaning unique recipes, not like, breaking into the zoo for a gorilla-selfie or anything.

Hoist your salty rims to the good health of your company and let the fun flow.

Spring is in the air. Make time for some solid self-care. Not only is it a fun rhyme, but it's a great way to prepare yourself, mentally and physically, for the onset of summer plans.