The Pre-Ham-Pie-Booze-Fest At-Home Juice Detox

Get ahead of the indulgence.

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There are a few important holidays coming up for many of us. Collectively, they’re called, of course, “Stuff Your Face With Carbs And Meat And Sweets And Booze Because Your Aunt Denise Brought Up That One Thing At The Dinner Table.” And, if you know you’re gonna go off the deep end from the end of November to the beginning of January, why not start from a good place? Here’s some healthy eating tips and tricks on how to detox and juice cleanse. Y’know, before every meal involves some kind of “nog.”

Green Juices Can Be Sweet


Got a sweet tooth to satisfy? Before you raid the baked goods aisle out of gingerbread house and home, try adding some green apples to a typical juice blend. It’s a natural pop of zazz to what can otherwise be an overly earthy flavor. Plus, green apples provide potassium, vitamin A, and digestive aid! Whereas gingerbread houses just provide headaches and are just as hard to assemble as Ikea furniture.

Take Advantage


Know that kale is a “superfood,” but feel bad that you’re too afraid to try it? We hear you. Luckily for you, juices are a great way to sneak the boring, healthy stuff into a blend. You’ll get all the benefits of a kale (protein, fiber, vitamins that assist with brain development) in a smooth, subtle way. It’s sort of like holiday music! Eating kale is a boring, old-fashioned choir. Drinking kale is a fresh, Pentatonix-meets-Mariah-Carey take.

Move Your Body, Move That Water


An at-home juice plan is a great start, but it’s important to remember what these juices are for: removing toxins. In order to meet this goal, nutritionists recommend supplementing your easy juice diet with 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Plus, any calming, centering movement rituals, from walking to yoga, will help your body and soul. Oh, and shaking with frustration at your cousin’s weird political views doesn’t count.

Get “Wild” With It


Once you get savvy with knowing the benefits of certain fruits and veggies, mix and match those suckers. Love the spice of ginger alongside its anti-inflammatory elements? Throw that in. Wanna pair it with the simplicity of a spinach? Sure, why not. Feel like throwing all of that into some sick beets? Now that’s a juicy remix, fam.

If you’re ready to treat your body right before throwing yourself to the whim of a holiday potluck (Everyone brought chips? C’mon!), check out our Eat Your Veggies bundle. It comes with a KitchenAid mini food processor, a book of recipes, and a sense of moral superiority you can throw in your friends’ faces –– until they throw homemade cookies into yours. Happy holidays!

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