The Nerf Battle Royale Cabin Weekend is Here

You get the cabin. We've got the gear.

joymode nerf battle royale

Sure, it’s fun to go the mountains, and sure, it’s fun to rent a cabin for a weekend. But you know what’s even more fun? Renting a cabin in the mountains and devoting the weekend to an all out Nerf Battle Royale. Here’s everything you’ll need to make it happen.


nerf2-min This one is a duh. You’ll want as many Nerf guns as as possible for this. The more ammo, the better. We can supply the goods. But you'll definitely


nerf5-min You’ll need to borrow some LARPing rules on this one. Shot in the arm? Bummer dude, you can’t use your arm anymore. Shot in the leg? Better start hoppin’ around. Shot through the heart? Well you’re to blame. You give love a bad name.

Hunger Games That Shit

nerf 1-min The only real way to do this correctly, is to do it Hunger Games style. Cover the surrounding area outside your cabin with Nerf guns and ammo. Spread them out well. Then, since you wouldn’t dare show up to a cabin weekend without an enormous conch shell, sound the horn and let the game begin. Naturally you will need a way to project the images of your fallen soldiers in the sky accompanied by a gigantic cannon blast, but that’s all quite simple and easy to put together on the fly.

Tree Hideouts

pLOgBGMg-min What would a battle royale be without snipers hanging out in trees? That camo jacket you’ve been saving in the back of your closet finally has a use; disguise yourself, climb a tree, and wait for your prey.

Pirate Battles

nerf4-min Is your cabin by a lake? Can you rent boats? Guess what, Blackbeard, here’s your chance to live that pirate life. Split up, rent some boats, and let the maritime battles commence. Remember, there are no rules on the ocean, AKA it’s fine to shoot your friends in the face when you’re out in the open sea. We don’t recommend rigging enormous ropes and swinging from boat to boat for safety reasons, but at the same time... that would be so awesome. Yo ho, yo ho.

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