The Family Game Night Survival Guide

Spoiler Alert: it involves wine.

Family game night.

The laughter...

The love...  

The bitter infighting because everybody wanted the to be the Monopoly race car but there can only be one.

But all you need to do is reserve our Family Game Night Bundle. Then, follow this guide to ensure vast surpluses of the loving/laughing part, with minimal squabbling.

The Game: Apples to Apples

An educational card game where you match descriptions with images.

The Potential Controversy:

Your spouse accidentally used the words “educational.” The kids are getting suspicious.

The Solution:

Bribery. If the kids are slow to enter the fray on this game night idea, consider offering prizes for each winning hand. Something small, like a Hershey’s Kiss or gummy bears. Not a pony. Once they begin playing, they’ll be hooked.

The Game: Slamwich

If that name doesn’t already deeply spark your interest, it’s a card-flipping game where you compete to build a huge double decker sandwich before your rivals, who can steal cards from you.

The Potential Controversy:

“Moooooooooom! This game is making me hungry.”

The Solution:

Since you’re the world’s best parent, you’ve already pre-made miniature club sandwiches that perfectly parallel your game play. Watch their eyes pop out when you present those. You are playing on another level here, parental unit.

The Game: Telestrations

An award-winning mutant hybrid of Pictionary and the Telephone Game. And the epic culmination to an already epic family game night. And get this. It was created from an online game called “Eat Poop You Cat.” Make sure to share that with everyone. And pause for laughter.

The Potential Controversy:

You’re not exactly Picasso. Everyone’s going to laugh (at you).

The Solution:

First of all, there is a reason moms and dads drink. So, keep the wine close by. Of course, if gaining an unfair advantage on the people you love the most is of interest, we can always deliver you Masterpiece, an app that will improve your drawing skills measurably.

Yes, it will be our little secret.

Bottom Line:

  • New exciting games to borrow

  • Bribes

  • Treats

  • Wine

You've got this memorable family game night in the bag.