The Best Romantic Hikes in Los Angeles

LA's fave day date idea for Tinder matches and long-term flames.

Nothing says “I love you” more than an epic view with bae by your side, right? Right. The best romantic hikes in Los Angeles offer more than literal breathtaking scenery (some of those inclines though…). They provide much-needed outdoor bonding time during which you’re meant to put your phones away and focus on each other. And the present. And probably your breathing.

When it comes to places to hike in LA, we have absolutely no shortage of options. Some of our top hikes in LA also make for great day date ideas if you and your partner are into that sort of thing. If you’re not, you might want to stop reading now.


Good. You’re still with us. Here are five hiking trails fit for couples in order from easy to difficult.

Ferndell Trail to Griffith Observatory
An LA hikes ranked list wouldn’t be complete without a Griffith Park hike. And there’s nothing cliche about it. We like Ferndell Trail because there’s ample parking and a large shaded grassy area near the entrance for canoodling before or after your hike. Plus, you’ll find a charming water feature before you steadily ascend the easy peasy 1.2 miles to the Observatory.

Wildflower Trail at Elysian Park
A chill 3-mile hike where urban landscapes meet lush park surroundings. You’ll also catch views of the LA River and San Gabriel Mountains. It’s perfect if your idea of hiking doesn’t require a super long drive to a trailhead in the middle of nowhere. Bonus: It’s also dog-friendly so you can bring your furbaby along.

Switzer Falls Trail
If you haven’t trekked the Angeles National Forest yet, consider this your gateway hike. It’s a moderate 4.3 miles round trip and mostly shaded. The best part? A waterfall! If you can, try to scope this one out after it rains. Otherwise, the stream and fall could be somewhat dried up. It’s still worth the trip up because there are plenty of places to stop off, park and take in the mountainside views with DTLA in the distance.

Del Cerro Park
Don’t worry. We didn’t forget to include a coastal hike. It just so happens that some of our favorite romantic hiking destinations were victims to the recent Woolsey Fire (sobs loudly in a corner) and we don’t know when they’ll be open again. That brings us to Del Cerro Park in Ranchos Palos Verdes. It’s a 4-mile downhill hike that surprises you with an uphill ending, which leads you right to the beach. Hey, at least it’s along the Pacific Ocean.

Mt. Williamson via Pacific Crest Trail
Cheryl Strayed paved the way for all lovebirds to enjoy the nation’s beloved Pacific Crest Trail. We’re not asking you to hike all 2,600 miles of it. Just 4.1 miles. This difficult out and back trail is mostly narrow, slippery switchbacks all the way up and back down. But the incredible 360 scenery is worth every careful step. At the top, you’ll be rewarded with views of Antelope Valley, Mojave Desert, and Mount Baldy.

Should you need some hiking gear to look the part, look no further. We have a day hike and explore kit that even includes a hiking chair so you can take a load off at the top of your epic ascension. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water and snacks like trail mix with dehydrated fruit (or make your own with our food dehyrator rental). You’ll also want to layer up, especially if you’re entering the Angeles Forest where temps can drop nearly 20-30 degrees.

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Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash