The Best Dog-Friendly Things to do in LA

Because life is so much better with a doggo by your side.

If it were up to us, we’d take our dogs everywhere. You know... To the gym. Fancy cocktails at The Walker Inn. Every beach ever invented. Unfortunately, these are places where dogs generally aren’t allowed. But, we’re lucky to live in such a dog-friendly city and there are plenty of activities that you can do with a pup by your side. Or on your lap. Your choice. We rounded up eight ideas that will have Fluffy wagging her tail and running around in circles.

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Hike the Highest Mountain

Or just hit up Griffith. Hiking with your pup is excellent exercise for you and your best friend. Many trails in and around LA are dog-friendly, but keep in mind leash rules. Depending on where you go, snakes, mountain lions and other critters can be cause for concern if your curious pup is off-leash. To find dog-friendly trails, get the AllTrails app. It has a handy “dog-friendly” filter to make your search even easier. Don’t forget to pack a collapsible water dish and extra water.

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Park Playtime

Get out of the house and let Rover socialize so you can socialize, too. LA is home to several well-situated dog parks so you likely won’t have to sit in traffic for too long. You’ll find that most dog parks allow off-leash exploring and offer separate sections for big and small pups. Extra Joy tip: If you don’t have a dog but love dogs, you can volunteer at a local dog park to get your fix and give back to the community.

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Tricks and Treats

You can host puppy playdates in the comfort of your own backyard virtually any time of year here. That is, if you’re lucky enough to have a backyard. Go all out with a cocktail bar for you and a treat bar for them. Then, test their agility skills to see who’s top dog.

Canine Brunch

Virtually all LA restaurants with outdoor seating allow four-legged furry friends to join in on the dining experience. Deck your doggo out with a fun bandana, and you’ll no doubt be the hit of Sunday’s brunch scene. Or, keep it Snoop Dogg-style chill by serving up your own brunch for friends and their furbabies.

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Isle of Puppers

Eat, See, Hear puts on epic outdoor movie and live music events throughout the city. The best part? Your pupper is welcome to join. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are greeted with a treat upon entry, water bowls are sprinkled throughout the venues and they even have emergency poop bags on hand if you run out. How’s that for accommodating? But wait! There’s more! Through their initiatives during the series, Eat, See, Hear supports Best Friends Animal Society LA and No Kill Los Angeles. Picnic like a pro when you go with our Outdoor Movie & Concert Picnic bundle.

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Sandy Pawprints

Run wild and free at Rosie’s Dog Beach. Located in the LBC, this 4-acre sandy retreat is a dog’s day in heaven. It opens daily at 6 a.m. and closes at 8 p.m. Do us solid for everyone else’s sake and pick up after your pup, follow the rules and stick to the designated dog zones. Also note, the area isn’t fenced in so be mindful that your pup doesn’t take off into the sunset without you.


Doggos & Drinks

LA’s local craft brewery scene is so chill that all dogs are welcome to partake. Well, maybe not in the drinking beer part — unless it’s beer made for dogs. Check out spots like Angel City Brewery, Arts District Brewery, Beachwood Brewery & BBQ, Boomtown Brewery, Golden Road Brewery Pub, Monkish Brewing Co. or Smog City Brewery & Taproom that you and your pal will love.


Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog

Hollywood’s iconic music joint Amoeba Music is staffed with resident pups eager to help you make the best vinyl selection. This spot is so dog-friendly, in fact, that you can even bring yours along to shop, too.