Tailgate Szn, Baby

From stadium seating to recliners, we've got you covered for tailgating season in LA.

Forget carving pumpkins... tailgating is America’s greatest fall tradition. While watching the game from home has its perks, to truly embrace the spirit of the pigskin you gotta peel yourself off the sectional, drop the pickup gate, and fire up the mini grill. Especially now that in LA we have more reason than ever to celebrate tailgate season –– THE RAMS. Sure, the USC vs UCLA rivalry has divided and excited us as a city for years, but the triumphant return of Rams in their second season has given us the professional football culture we’ve been craving. And we don’t care what you say about us suddenly supporting a successful team –– we’re unabashedly hopping on the bandwagon.

Here’s the deal: If the Rams can get their sh*t together (good work, guys), you can too. It’s time to think beyond a bag of chips and beer. Here’s how you can up your tailgate game in 2018.

Snack Game

You’re just gonna have to be game for the fact that we are going to overuse the word game. Speaking of which, it’s time to rethink your snack game. If you want to keep the grub traditional, a little pre-planning and the right supplies can help you hit it out of the park. And while we’re fine with your menu being burgers and dogs, we also like the idea of tapping into LA’s rich food culture. Why not try grilling up some Korean BBQ ribs?

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 2.23.35 PM-min

Games Game

Ok, we lied. We’re still overusing the word games. Think beyond the frat classics like beer pong with giant jenga and connect four. The truth is that big games just = bigger fun. We don’t make the rules. AV9A3060 edited-min

Beyond Beer

Not sure if you have heard this before, but one of the biggest perks of living in LA is the weather. Take advantage the most temperate climate in the NFC West, with some chill cocktails. 75 and sunny in October means you can think beyond beer. Boozy snow cones, anyone? Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 2.24.03 PM-min

You couldn’t get tickets

Rough, man. We feel for you. If you can’t hit the stands, bring the game to to the backyard. A big screen and game day buffet are almost as good as really being there. And at least you won’t get sunburnt in the bleachers. ben-hershey-417746-unsplash-min

Huddle up, fam. It’s time to tackle tailgate season. You’ve got everything you need to get your game on, whether at the stadium or in the backyard and we’ve tapped out of sports puns for today. Ready, set, break!