Surprise Your Valentine With An Easy Breakfast In Bed

Yes, just like all those unrealistic people on Instagram.

Joymode Breakfast in Bed

Red roses? Kinda played out.

Placing your cape over a muddy pool so your lover may cross? Doesn’t happen.

Breakfast in bed? Never going out of style.

There’s something about the simple gesture of bringing breakfast to your Valentine that screams “THOUGHTFULNESS.” And no one in their right mind wakes up to a hot breakfast and says, “but what have you done for me lately?.”

Simply put, it’s the best and easiest way to kick off a proper Valentine’s Day. And now we’re going to tell you how to do it so that nobody gets hurt.

The Awakening

tim-foster-667115-unsplash-min Yes, you’re going to have to get up early to really surprise them. Plan the menu out in advance and make sure you get up an hour before they typically do. That way, you have time to cook, to make everything look nice and to roll in at the precise moment they’re opening their eyes to the world. Surprise.

The Tray


Before you start with the whisking, you’ll need a tray to present your morning gift upon. One that your object of affection can easily balance over their lap. Rather than send you out tray-shopping, we’ve got a Breakfast in Bed Bundle that’s really going to make this easy. It comes with an Acacia serving tray cleverly engineered to keep hot coffee and sticky juice from off of your lover’s thighs.

The Food


If you’re bringing someone breakfast in bed, you probably know already whether they take their eggs over-easy, scrambled or arriving in breakfast taco form.

Give them just what they want. We’ve thrown an all-clad waffle iron into our Breakfast in Bed Bundle, in case waffles are on the menu. Who hates waffles?

There also needs to be coffee, as well as fresh-squeezed juice (this juicer will help), toast, a yogurt parfait, a 45-day dry-aged ribeye steak... you know, breakfast stuff. The more food, the better and don’t be afraid to get the good, gourmet stuff. It won’t go unnoticed.

It’s probably a good idea to stay away from more spillable material, like milky cereal and steaming oatmeal. Stick to less messy eats like pastries, rolls and other carb-based edibles.

If you want to get the party started early, we’ve included two champagne flutes in the Bundle for you to serve mimosas in. But the mimosas can totally be straight tequila if you want. Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning. No judgment.

The Design


To tie this together with extra thoughtfulness, you’ll want to accent the food and drinks with some non-edible stuff. Your valentine’s favorite section of the newspaper makes for a nice touch when folded neatly across the tray’s edge.

A small vase with a single flower in the corner creates a beautiful flourish, as well. And the addition of a simple, printed handkerchief or placemat behind their plate can make the whole presentation pop. And definitely do the folded napkin with silverware thing.

It also wouldn’t hurt if you put a small Valentine’s Day gift on the tray. Or hide a ring in their croissant. Or refuse to do that because it would be stupid.

Whatever you do, let your intimate knowledge of your valentine shine forth. More than mere breakfast in bed, this is a chance to pamper them while showing them that you know exactly what they like.

Which could always lead to them showing you that they know exactly what you like.

Hey, as long as everyone is in bed...