So You Wanna Learn Photography?

It's easier than you think, once you get the gear from us.

You take a mean Instagram shot. Or so many of your realest followers have indicated. And now you’ve been thinking of taking things to the next level.

Well, we’ve got a killer Learn Photography bundle to get you started.

It comes with an excellent DSLR Canon Rebel camera, camera bag, beginner’s photography book and a bunch of other necessary stuff. We’ve also got the following tips to help you find the best subject and equipment to catch your perfect shot.

First, why this is a good idea.

L.A. is a photographer’s dream.

You’ve got wildflowers going nuts right now. Beautiful sunsets over the ocean from sterling nature trails on the daily. Crazy music festivals on the spring horizon. Dishes algorithmically-engineered to accrue “likes.” Classic architecture, historic sites and bizzar-o houses. A zillion subcultures and personal stories...

And hey, let’s face it, the odds are pretty decent that you could stumble into the guy who played Mr. Belding at CVS at any given moment.

You’d really hate to come up empty-handed.

Second, the Best Photo Tip We Can Offer You.

An old photographer friend once changed our photos forever by passing on the following advice:

> Always check your corners before taking the shot.

It means to actually take a moment and look into the corners of the shot you’ve framed before pulling the trigger.

This ensures straighter lines and a better balanced photo. It also aids in composition while guaranteeing there won’t be something in the shot later that you didn’t count on. Like a trash can or random dude picking his nose in the distance.

And Now, What You Need to Start Shooting Whatever It Is You’re Shooting.

There are so many subjects you can choose to focus on, so we’ve tried to provide some guidance there, too.

What you’d like to shoot: A gorgeous spread of spring trees on a trail over the Palisades. High enough where Ben Affleck’s house is out of the shot.

What you’ll use: The Topo Rover Pack from our bundle. It’s a good-looking backpack handmade in Colorado with tons of pockets for keeping your laptop and other equipment organized and safe while hiking. Since your camera can link directly to your computer through WiFi, it’s best to have it all on you. Otherwise, who will believe your celebrity coyote sighting story?

What you’d like to shoot: Your smashburger at Burgers Never Say Die. Or wherever you’re going to go once you realize the line will devour your lunch break.

What you’ll use: A decent tripod can vastly help stabilize your food shots, cutting down on blur and keeping your hands free to style your plate.

A tiny portable light is also essential when shooting something that suffers from too much shade or shadow. Play around at home so you know the best angles and heights to hold it at without annoying others.

What you’d like to shoot: Supermodels.

What you’ll use: Come on, get real.

What you’d like to shoot: Ok, then just like friends at music festivals and stuff.

What you’ll use: An Instant Film Camera is always fun to play around with. The DSLR Canon Rebel camera you’ll have also has a remote mode, so you can shoot photos using your cellphone, no need to even touch the camera. Look out, Dennis Haskins.

What you’d like to shoot: High-speed car chases and celebrities trying to make an anonymous escape from Craig’s.

What you’ll use: Your camera is fully automatic, and comes with auto-focus that can specifically handle motion shots, as well as a continuous shot mode.

But it can also be operated manually once you get to know it and want to advance your skills

Basically, shooting moving objects requires a faster shutter speed, which is controlled by putting your camera mode on “Tv” and setting the speed at 1/1000 or higher, if possible.

The faster click of the shutter means less light enters your lens, usually requiring you to also lower the aperture value or increase your ISO. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of ISO, once you’re ready to move on as a photographer.

The rewards of picking up a better camera are endless and photography can quickly become habit-forming.

Hopefully, we’ve put you on your first steps to becoming a bone fide shutterbug. See you out there. We’ll try to stay out of your shot.